Sunport Power expand the company’s leadership position with Eurotron’s full-size industrial production lines for their facility in Wuxi

Sunport Power continues their collaboration with Eurotron by ordering full-size industrial production lines for their facility in Wuxi. Upon installation, the Chinese factories of Sunport Power in Nanjing, Pizhou and Wuxi will produce an annual 6.6 million solar panels yielding a combined power supply of 2 GW per annum.

Sunport Power understands the benefits of back-contact PV modules. Compared to traditional modules, back-contact PV modules show a significant improvement in real life performance and accelerated lifetime tests. This means that the Sunport Power’s clients can generate more energy and can expect a longer module lifetime for each installed module.
We are delighted that Sunport Power choose again for Eurotron to expand the company’s leadership position. Our installation engineers are already started to put the new production lines in operation at the Sunport Power factory in Wuxi.