Lowpad outbound automation solution

Manufacturers, retailers and distribution organizations know that automation can improve productivity, maximize space and increase efficiencies across their value chains.

With growing complexity in distribution and increasing logistics service level demands, mistakes are not an option. Lowpad’s proven automation solutions, consisting of Autonomous Mobile Robots and intuitive software, help you manage your entire outbound process and integrate it seamless with your existing warehouse software.

Right place, right time

Shipping can be complex, the costs are significant, and there is an ever-present risk of the slightest error because of the labor-intensive process. Our automation solution will help you deliver your load carriers, autonomously, to the right dock at the right time, nicely lined up and in the right loading sequence.

We ensure our clients a ‘just in time’ workflow. Our software combines all input data, cut off times, bay scheduling and moves load carriers to the outbound area just before they are needed to be shipped. This results in a more efficient use of available loading docs, a dynamic doc schedule and trucks who can be loaded faster and more efficiently.

Increasing efficiency, lowering risks

In many organizations, there is an increasing need for process speed, quality and transparency. The answer to this is automation. Lowpad automation solutions helps reducing deployment of hard-to-find personnel and related costs, improve safety, enhancing flexibility and lowering risk.

Lowpad’s integrated solutions help you manage your entire processes, from inbound and crossdocking to order picking and outbound/marshalling. In the following weeks we are highlighting each specific process.

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