Lowpad crossdocking automation solution

In retail, static storage has been eliminated as much as possible. Retailers prefer a dynamic flow-through. It’s all based on retailing's basic premise: You can't make money until the product is sold and leaves your stores.

Getting products rapidly to those stores is exactly what cross docking aims to execute to perfection. By dispatching inbound merchandise directly to outbound shipping, crossdocking minimizes the amount of time goods spend in non-value added DCs and thus maximizes their speed to market.

Many retailers improve their cross docking already by implementing e.g. a material handling system, smart software and voice and RFID technology. However, it often remains a labor-intensive process which leads to high costs and drop shipping failures. Our answer to this is Lowpad’s proven crossdocking automation solution, consisting of Autonomous Mobile Robots and intuitive software.

Implementing Lowpad AMRs in your daily operations leads to a more efficient use of docs, less manual labor, lower operational costs, significantly higher accuracy, a dynamic doc schedule and less drop shipping failures.

Curious or interested?
We would love to discuss with you some crossdocking business cases. The results are promising. Get in touch with our sales department via sales@lowpad.com or call +31 (0)184 69 11 05.