Looking for ways to improve your order picking process?

Today’s food distribution centers are facing many challenges. Orders are skyrocketing and retailers are struggling to keep up with the increased demand and delivery speed expectations.

In recent years, retailers have started to find new ways to structure their most expensive process: order picking. However, after the introduction of numerous technologies, order pickers still spend half of their time travelling in the picking process. The Lowpad enables a new way of picking, still implementable within the same layout.

This is Dynamic Zone Picking, supported by the Lowpad. In this solution we disconnect the picker from the pickrun. Pickers pick and the Lowpad does the transport of the load carriers. Pickers work in “dynamic zones” serving all lowpads coming to their zones. The software directs the order picker to the most efficient next order line and the Lowpad through the pickrun. Once completed the Lowpads brings the fulfilled load carriers to the packing or outbound area.

The main advantages of Lowpad’s Dynamic Zone Picking solution are:

  • 100% productivity increase per picker
  • ‚ÄčMinimized walking
  • Brownfield automation
  • Lower operational costs

To learn more about the Lowpad picking solutions, get in touch with our experts via sales@lowpad.com or call us on +31 (0)184 69 11 05.