Forestry sorting line at Baumschule Priebe

Recently, we installed a forestry sorting line at Baumschule Priebe in Germany. Baumschule Priebe is a family business established in 1949 and nowadays managed by Harald Priebe.

The company is well known for their production of high-quality seedlings, about two million a year. The cultivated trees are mainly used in reforestation projects in Europe and commercial production of timber. Until recently, transplanting and sorting of young plants has always been a very labor-intensive process. Eight (!) employees where hired to fulfill this job. Besides tremendous labor costs, it became increasingly difficult to find good labor force.

In their search to fully automate their process, Harald get to know TTA. ‘Of course, I have heard of TTA before. Within the forestry sector, TTA is well-known and has many references. However, our main reason for choosing TTA is that they are one of a kind in supplying a high-tech machine which is suitable of handling our type of large plants.’

The forestry sorting line is already in full production and the results are more dan promising. ‘We are now able of sorting young plants with just two employees. It results in a yearly reduction of annual labor costs with 120,000 euros.’

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