Florensis orders their 6th CombiFix-II gapping line

Florensis has a proven track record worldwide as breeder and as supplier of starting material for professional growers. With over 2,000 employees, Florensis produces over 1 billion young plants from seed, cuttings and tissue culture every year. Florensis and TTA share many common values. Both companies are family based, loyal to their employees and attache great value to innovation and technological progress. No wonder, that over the years that passed, a great collaboration has been established.

Edwin Kodde, External Contracts Manager at Florensis: ‘TTA keeps their promises. Recently, we ordered our sixth (!) gapping line at TTA. Through the years, TTA’s gapping lines have evolved to a truly mature product. The current CombiFix-II has set a standard when it comes down to reliability in vision-based plant recognition. As a result of TTA’s long time experience, there is almost no damage of plugs or plants during the entire gapping process. The TTA Vision system allows us to exchange information and fine tune our installation to suit our specific needs. Speedwise, the CombiFix-II is capable for more than our plants allow for. So, it is no longer the equipment which limits us but rather the physical limitation of the plants. After all, we still work with a living product.’

The newly ordered CombiFix II gapping line will be delivered next year, beginning of January.