Featured project: Lescus Cetkovice

A while ago, we joined the grand opening of the new Forestry Nursery Lescus Mišinská in Cetkovice (Czechia). Meanwhile, the production at Lescus is at full speed. Curious about the high-speed sorting line that TTA has developed especially for Lescus? Watch the movie which we made of this beautiful Forestry project.

Lescus’ new nursery will grow 35 million seedlings a year that will pass TTA’s custom-made sorting line. Lescus produces trees for the country's replanting projects of Czech forests, which are commissioned by the government. The sorting line is one of a kind. Trees up to 80 cm (!) are automatically sorted according to various criteria like stem thickness and double stems, using 3D vision system.

Forestry has become one of the key sectors of TTA. The sorting line at Lescus is a great example of this. Of course, we are very proud to contribute to more and more reforestation projects around the world!