Eurotec releases the Inspector

A revolutionary solution to automatically identify and sort cheeses on the presence of mold, damage or other visible defects. Based on market needs, we developed and produced an automated cheese inspection system. The Inspector offers our customers the ability to identify and sort cheeses for optical defects by using our proprietary vision technology.

It’s increasingly difficult to monitor a large amount of cheeses by human eye. With the Inspector, we make it possible to automate this costly process.
The Inspector can be connected to existing input and conveyor belts which presents the cheeses one by one. Cheeses enter the Inspector where all sides are inspected in one movement by the use of several cameras. The obtained information is analysed and transferred to the control system after which a rejected cheese is removed. All assessments are linked to the cheese number and can be stored in a database.
The first Inspector is already implemented at H. Bouter Kaas. Based on their positive experiences, they have decided to invest in a second Inspector. This machine will be implemented within a few weeks.