Argos - smart scanning system

Professional growers nowadays are supplying a large variety of plant species to their clients. A very labor-intensive process and in addition to the extensive audit work, it’s also a very error-prone process leading young plant propagators to expensive and often compromised solutions. That’s why we invented the Argos. The Argos system is a smart scanning system which observes trolleys on visible QR/barcodes and product height. Pictures of each trolley are taken for reporting and evidencing.

The main advantages of the Argos solution:

  • Detailed insights in incoming and outgoing goods
  • Less manual labor
  • Higher accuracy
  • Less discussions with clients about freight damage
  • Data automatically processed into Inventory Management System

Additionally, we can offer you the possibility to completely automate your entire outbound process by implementing Lowpad AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robot).

This year, we implemented the Argos system at Royal Lemkes to full satisfaction of the client.
The results are more than promising.

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