Instead of trade fair visits: Lowpad launches live webinar

‘Rethinking’ is currently a key approach in many industries where customer contact is generally essential. Instead of participating in many trade fairs through the year, we are looking for new ways to stay in touch with you. That’s why we initiated to organize a Lowpad webinar on October 30th.

Sneak peek Lowpad premises

Our new Lowpad premises already look promising from the outside. We can’t wait to show you the inside with offices, a Lowpad testing area and a brand-new experience center. Within a few weeks we expect to move into our premises.

Looking back at HeroFestival 2020

Last Tuesday we participated in HeroFestival 2020 and took the stage with an interactive session about data driven manufacturing. Our CCO, Bram Verschoor and client Michiel van Veen, Director Supply Chain and Operations at Royal Lemkes revealed our latest innovation, the Argos.

HeroFestival 2020

Our CCO, Bram Verschoor, takes the stage at HeroFestival 2020 together with our client Michiel van Veen, Directors Supply Chain and Operations at Royal Lemkes. Join our interactive session about data driven manufacturing and how Royal Lemkes has implemented this in cooperation with Eurotec.

Lowpad webinar

Join our webinar where we will reveal you the latest developments and inform you about interesting automation solutions for marshalling, crossdocking, order picking and A-to-B transport.

Back-contact pv magazine webinar

Last week, pv magazine organized a webinar about back-contact technologies and their position in the market for high-end modules. Our partner DSM Advanced Solar has sponsored this webinar and participated in it together with our client Silfab Solar.

Team TTA USA, LLC expands with Sales Manager Canada

TTA USA, LLC recently welcomed Christopher Houweling in his position as Sales Manager Canada.

Next generation back-contact solar modules in pre-production in Eurolab

Since the very first start of Eurotron, we have been on the forefront with state-of-the-art production equipment for manufacturing back-contact solar modules.

Grand opening of the new Forest Nursery – Lescus Mišinská

Yesterday, we joined the grand opening of the new Forestry Nursery Lescus Mišinská in Cetkovice (Czechia). It was an honor being invited and to present TTA to all attendees, including the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic and the Minister of Agriculture.

TTA participates in online event ‘Turnkey Business Models of Feeding & Greening Megacities’

The event, organized by Ministry Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in China will be held on September 14th and will be live broadcasted.

Euroton launches WeChat Official Account and Mini Program

In addition to LinkedIn, YouTube and WhatsApp, Eurotron recently launched their WeChat Official Account and Mini Program.

Feeding dreams

Dreams. Everybody’s got them. Dreams make you move, grow, create and innovate. We dream of a world where sufficient and healthy food is available for everyone.

New premises Eurotec

In order to facilitate our growing organization, Eurogroep acquired a new premises for Eurotec. Our new premises is located within walking distance of Eurogroep’s headquarters. The modern, sustainable building will accommodate offices and a Lowpad testing and demo area.

TNO, Eurotron, GroenLeven and SIEC teaming up in Whooper project

TNO, Eurotron, GroenLeven and SIEC are teaming up in the Whooper project, with the goal of realizing a new solar module that generates more power and reduces costs of electricity compared to conventional modules.

Dushi Green opts TTA’s high-tech equipment for the Bright Food (Group) project in Shanghai

At Chongming Island in Shanghai, Dushi Green will build a brand-new greenhouse facility for Bright Food (Group) Co., Ltd.

TTA thankful with their local presence in North America

Steve Biles (General Sales Manager USA) and his dedicated service and installation team provide the North American market with TTA’s high-tech equipment for plug consolidation, transplanting and plant selection/grading.

Eurotron moved ahead to accommodate production of large-format PV modules by upgrading their high-tech production tools.

In order to offer their clients the ability to produce large format back-contact PV modules, Eurotron is currently incorporating an upgrade of their high-tech production tools.

Service and installation at TTA

At TTA, we regularly receive questions about how we deal with service and installation in these extraordinary times. In this video, we hope to explain you more about this.

Eurotec expands the Lowpad Family with several new models

In order to serve our clients and their processes even better, Eurotec has released several new Lowpad models.


TTA has been nominated by Logiqs BV to participate in the FlowerBoostChallenge. Yesterday, TTA donated Bromelia’s and ornamental pineapple plants from Stofbergen Plant Company to Graafzicht.

Looking back at Modex 2020

Despite the CoVid-19 virus, Eurotec had a great week at MODEX2020. We enjoyed meeting new people, potential customers and integrators.

CoVid-19 statement

The safety and health of Eurogroep’s team, their families, our partners and our clients are our greatest priority. Even during this challenging period due to the CoVid-19 virus, we do our utmost to ensure business continuity and to stay in touch with you.

KWS, Germany

Since the very first start of the development of the Lowpad, our goal was to fulfill a key role in our client’s processes. It’s great to see how the Lowpad improves processes. For example, at KWS, Einbeck Germany.

Kom Binnen Bij Bedrijven

Vanwege de ontwikkelingen rondom het CoVid-19 virus is het event Kom Binnen Bij Bedrijven uitgesteld. Mocht de nieuwe datum bekend zijn, dan zullen we u hiervan op de hoogte brengen.

Due to the CoVid-19 virus, the event 'Kom Binnen Bij Bedrijven' has been postponed. We will inform you when the new date is known.

FlexSorter XF at Allplant

The FlexSorter XF fully meets the high expectations of Allplant. Meanwhile, TTA has installed the new grading line at several clients and introduced the FlexSorter XF officially at IPM Essen.

First day of Modex

Eurotec is ready to meet you all at Modex 2020. Get inspired on our Booth #5692 and get to know the Lowpad for the very first time or again.

Modex 2020

In a few weeks the leading trade show Modex takes place in Atlanta (USA). Eurotec is really excited to attend at the Modex show and introduce the Lowpad Family to the US Market. Enjoy our unique live demonstration of the Lowpad at our Booth.

Visit Eurotec at LogiMAT 2020 in Stuttgart (DE)

From March 10 till 12 Eurotec will be exhibiting at the LogiMAT (booth E079) in Stuttgart. We will give you a unique live demonstration of the Lowpad.

TTA launch WeChat Mini Program

TTA very first foreign horticulture company with a WeChat Mini Program within the category equipment/machinery.

TTA looks back at IPM

TTA looks back at a successful exhibition at IPM Essen. Many visitors passed by our attractive booth and we met a lot of existing and new contacts. TTA also signed two new orders.

TTA introduce the MaxSorter at IPM Essen

Recently, Vreugdenhil Young Plants had two completely new TTA sorting lines (MaxSorter) installed. The MaxSorter sorts tomato plant seedlings into four grades and waste, while automatically disinfecting the plant grippers.

Trade shows Eurotec 2020

The preparations for this year’s trade shows are already in full swing. We kick off the season with three trade shows in March: LogiMAT, Modex, IntraLogisteX.

Happy Chinese New Year

Dear Friends, we wish you and your families a year of good health, happiness and prosperity. Thank you for your continued support and trust in Eurogroep and our subsidiaries.

TTA reveals new high-tech equipment at IPM Essen

Next week the world's leading horticultural trade fair IPM takes place. TTA, member of Eurogroep, launch new automation for transplanting and sorting of young plants during IPM.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Today we looked back on the past year with our entire team at the festive end of the year. A great moment to look back but above all to look forward to the near future.

Logistica aftermovie

We look back on a successful exhibition at Logistica. It was a great honor to receive the double Logistica Award.

Silfab and Eurotron has entered into a strategic collaboration

Silfab and Eurotron have teamed up to introduce back-contact PV modules in North America. A unique collaboration between Eurotron, a global leader in equipment for manufacturing of back-contact PV modules and Silfab Solar, a North American leading manufacturer of premium quality PV modules.

During this week’s Productronica in München, technology leader ASM presented the award winning Lowpad.

ASM has incorporated Eurotec's Lowpad into their integrated smart factory solutions. This allows for automatic transport of changeover tables with component reels and feed the SIPLACE equipment by the Lowpad. This is a remarkable achievement since the Lowpad drives with an accuracy of less than one millimeter.

Cooperation Eurotec and ASM

Eurotec and ASM cooperate in AMR-supported material logistics and automated setup changeover technology by integrating Eurotec’s Lowpad AMRs into ASM’s software solutions like the ASM Material Manager and ASM Command Center.

Eurotec has won the Logistica Award 2019

Innovation is rewarded: Eurotec has won the Logistica Award 2019, both panel and audience prize, with the Lowpad. The jury was really excited about the Lowpad. ‘Eurotec has in a remarkable short time succeeded in developing a fleet of autonomous mobile robots which works seamlessly together and can be used for the autonomous movement of many types of load carriers.

Teams VV Alblas in a new outfit

Recently two teams from VV Alblas received a new 'Eurogroep' outfit. We wish both teams all the best, a lot of fun and of course a very successful season.

Come and visit Eurotec at Logistica

We would like to welcome you at our booth 03A067 for a unique live demonstration of the Lowpad. You are welcome from November 5 till November 7 in Jaarbeurs, Utrecht the Netherlands. See you there!

Vote for Eurotec for the Logistica Award 2019

Lowpad, a product of Eurotec, is one of the finalists for the Logistica Award 2019. We are excited to be nominated for this prestigious award and off course we would like to take the award back home.

New Lowpad brand movie

In line with the new Lowpad website we created a new brand movie for the Lowpad. The Lowpad is an autonomous mobile robot which distinguishes itselves from other systems by its own unique characteristics.

Eurotec one of the finalists for the Logistica Award 2019

The Logistica Award is the award for the most innovative solution in logistics. The Lowpad, a product of Eurotec, was nominated for the award and last week the jury announced that Eurotec belongs to the finalists.

Eurotec implemented the first Lowpads at Montapacking

Montapacking, one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies in the Netherlands, chose to automate their logistic processes with the Lowpad.

Have a nice holiday

We wish you all a wonderful and relaxing summer holiday! Our sales and service department will remain at your service.

Sunport Power’s Wuxi factory in mass production with Eurotron equipment

Recently engineers from Eurotron, member of Eurogroep, have ramped up new production lines at Sunport Power’s facility in Wuxi. With these production lines, Sunport Power expands the company’s leadership position in the production of MWT modules. Sunport Power’s Chinese production plants in Nanjing, Pizhou and Wuxi are currently producing an annual 5,0 million solar panels yielding a combined power harvest of 1,7GWp per annum.

Eurotec releases the Inspector

A revolutionary solution to automatically identify and sort cheeses on the presence of mold, damage or other visible defects.

Lowpad’s proof of concept at Bühler Group

Last month Eurotec, member of Eurogroep, completed a proof of concept for the Lowpad at Bühler Group (Switzerland).

Eurogroep new main sponsor of VV De Alblas

Last Saturday, June 15, Simon den Hartigh (owner Eurogroep) and Jan Bakker (CEO Eurogroep) signed the sponsorship agreement between Eurogroep and football club De Alblas. Eurogroep is socially involved and supports many regional initiatives and organizations.

Visit Eurotec at the GreenTech

Eurotec is attending the GreenTech from 11 – 13 june at RAI Amsterdam. We will present you the Lowpad at the booth of Bever Innovations. Bever Innovations will present their unique solutions for vertical farming, the Leaf Carrier. Part of Leaf Carrier’s total solution is the Lowpad which will be used to move the Leaf Carrier.

Eurotec attending the Warehouse Insight congress on May 21 in Den Bosch (NL)

Warehouse Insight, organized by, is the event when it comes to the latest developments in the field of WMS and Material Handling. Our customer Edwin van der Ham (Montapacking) is one of the speakers on this event and will give his vision on innovative warehousing technology, the importance of data and the next steps towards artificial intelligence.

Sunport Power expand the company’s leadership position with Eurotron’s full-size industrial production lines for their facility in Wuxi

Sunport Power continues their collaboration with Eurotron by ordering full-size industrial production lines for their facility in Wuxi. Upon installation, the Chinese factories of Sunport Power in Nanjing, Pizhou and Wuxi will produce an annual 6.6 million solar panels yielding a combined power supply of 2 GW per annum.

New headquarters of Eurogroep and TTA

Eurogroep is proud to reveal their plans and first impressions of the new headquarters of Eurogroep and TTA in Bleskensgraaf.

Eurogroep sponsors a brand-new car for Hans den Ouden Marathon

Eurogroep supports the initiative of Hans den Ouden Marathon to raise money to fight cancer. Just like previous editions, Eurogroep sponsors the grand prize of the raffle, a brand-new car.

Eurotron will attending PV CellTech 2019 in Penang Malaysia

Bram Verschoor, CCO of Eurotron, will give a presentation about their back-contact PV module manufacturing equipment. Compared to other PV modules, back-contact PV modules have shown many advantages. With an installed production capacity of 2 GWp, Eurotron is a global leader in equipment for manufacturing of back-contact PV modules. New equipment is underway and will bring the total production to 3GW a year which is equivalent to 9 million PV modules.

Eurotec looks back at the LogiMat

Eurotec looks back at a very successful exhibition at the LogiMAT. Many visitors passed by our booth and enjoyed the ‘Lowpad dance’. There was a lot of interest in the Lowpad and many valuable contacts were made.

Eurotec releases the Lowpad Small

The latest move of Eurotec on the AGV market is the release of the Lowpad Small. After a period of engineering and assembling, the Lowpad Small is now ready for introduction on LogiMAT 2019.

Lowpad Medium ready for large-scale implementation

After a period of extensive testing in the Lowpad Experience Center and in warehouses of clients, the Lowpad Medium is now ready for large-scale implementation.

Lowpad Experience Weeks

We look back on a few very successful Lowpad Experience weeks.

Jan Bakker took over from Simon den Hartigh as CEO of Eurogroep and TTA

On the 2nd of April, Jan Bakker took over from Simon den Hartigh as CEO of Eurogroep and TTA. Jan Bakker is the company’s former Technical Director and will be responsible for the operational activities of the Eurogroep companies and TTA from this moment forward.

Eurogroep and IT Partner launch innovative joint venture

Eurotec and IT Partner are offering a new, all-encompassing solution for the AGV (Automatically Guided Vehicle) market by founding joint venture Eurobrain. Thanks to their collaboration, the Lowpad – an ultra-low AGV introduced by Eurotec (subsidiary of Eurogroep) last November – is now even better equipped to facilitate complex logistic processes in distribution centres and warehouses thanks to integrated software developed by Eurobrain. The joint venture enables companies to procure both smart software and laboursaving hardware from a single supplier.

Eurotec releases Lowpad: the ultra-low AGV for internal transport

The launch of the Lowpad, with its height of only 12 centimetres, is Eurotec’s latest move on the AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) market. Since the Lowpad is up to 30 centimetres lower than regular AGVs, Eurotec clearly heralds a new era in the transport of goods in warehouses.

Eurotron focusses on jet printing technology

Eurotron, member of Eurogroep, has achieved a breakthrough in the connection between solar cells and the conductive backsheet foil inside back-contact solar panels. With this new approach, called jet printing, Eurotron, will in time, be able to realize interesting cost savings through increased precision and further minimization of material use. The new method, for which Eurotron has applied for a patent, is currently in use in Eurolab.

Sunport Power opens first GW factory with Eurotron MWT equipment

Sunport Power commissioned their brand-new facility for the manufacturing of back-contact PV modules. The Chinese factory will produce an annual 3.3 million solar panels yielding a combined power supply of 1 GW per annum.

Eurolab accommodates Lightyear

Lightyear recently revealed its plans for the very first solar car for consumers: the Lightyear One. The first models will sell for €119,000 excl VAT and can now be reserved at The car is being developed by former students of the Eindhoven University of Technology and is currently still a concept. In order to prove that the solar panels meant for the car are actually realisable, Lightyear turned to Eurolab, member of Eurogroup.

Eurolab has opened lab facility

Eurolab, a member of Eurogroep has opened an entirely new lab facility that enables our clients to assess back-contact solar panel innovations. Launched in January 2017, Eurolab will operate completely independently, located a short walking distance from Eurotron’s manufacturing facilities in Bleskensgraaf and close to Gorinchem, the Netherlands.