Eurotec releases the Lowpad Small

The latest move of Eurotec on the AGV market is the release of the Lowpad Small. After a period of engineering and assembling, the Lowpad Small is now ready for introduction on LogiMAT 2019.

Lowpad Medium ready for large-scale implementation

After a period of extensive testing in the Lowpad Experience Center and in warehouses of clients, the Lowpad Medium is now ready for large-scale implementation.

Lowpad Experience Weeks

We look back on a few very successful Lowpad Experience weeks.

Jan Bakker took over from Simon den Hartigh as CEO of Eurogroep and TTA

On the 2nd of April, Jan Bakker took over from Simon den Hartigh as CEO of Eurogroep and TTA. Jan Bakker is the company’s former Technical Director and will be responsible for the operational activities of the Eurogroep companies and TTA from this moment forward.

Eurogroep and IT Partner launch innovative joint venture

Eurotec and IT Partner are offering a new, all-encompassing solution for the AGV (Automatically Guided Vehicle) market by founding joint venture Eurobrain. Thanks to their collaboration, the Lowpad – an ultra-low AGV introduced by Eurotec (subsidiary of Eurogroep) last November – is now even better equipped to facilitate complex logistic processes in distribution centres and warehouses thanks to integrated software developed by Eurobrain. The joint venture enables companies to procure both smart software and laboursaving hardware from a single supplier.

Eurotec releases Lowpad: the ultra-low AGV for internal transport

The launch of the Lowpad, with its height of only 12 centimetres, is Eurotec’s latest move on the AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) market. Since the Lowpad is up to 30 centimetres lower than regular AGVs, Eurotec clearly heralds a new era in the transport of goods in warehouses.

Eurotron focusses on jet printing technology

Eurotron, member of Eurogroep, has achieved a breakthrough in the connection between solar cells and the conductive backsheet foil inside back-contact solar panels. With this new approach, called jet printing, Eurotron, will in time, be able to realize interesting cost savings through increased precision and further minimization of material use. The new method, for which Eurotron has applied for a patent, is currently in use in Eurolab.

Sunport Power opens first GW factory with Eurotron MWT equipment

Sunport Power commissioned their brand-new facility for the manufacturing of back-contact PV modules. The Chinese factory will produce an annual 3.3 million solar panels yielding a combined power supply of 1 GW per annum.

Eurolab accommodates Lightyear

Lightyear recently revealed its plans for the very first solar car for consumers: the Lightyear One. The first models will sell for €119,000 excl VAT and can now be reserved at The car is being developed by former students of the Eindhoven University of Technology and is currently still a concept. In order to prove that the solar panels meant for the car are actually realisable, Lightyear turned to Eurolab, member of Eurogroup.

Eurolab has opened lab facility

Eurolab, a member of Eurogroep has opened an entirely new lab facility that enables our clients to assess back-contact solar panel innovations. Launched in January 2017, Eurolab will operate completely independently, located a short walking distance from Eurotron’s manufacturing facilities in Bleskensgraaf and close to Gorinchem, the Netherlands.